Monday, November 14, 2011

Too Broud to be Bought

Too Proud to be BoughtToo Proud to be Bought by Sharon Kendrick

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I've been reading Harlequin books since I was 15 years old, and I thought I had outgrew them when I hit the ripe old age of 21. Today I saw this book for less than 4 dollars, and honestly I was curious to see if this kind of light reading would interest me again, so I bought it. I've been wanting some light fluffy reading because I've been reading a lot of long 600 to 1000 page novels... Pretty much this book was a definite change of pace for me.

This book was a lot better than the last Harlequin book I read. I think the editor did a better job at catching grammar mistakes because I found very few. The only grammar mistakes I could find were not putting commas where they were needed, but I did wonder why some places had overused the same adjective on the same page.

I have to hand it to Sharon Kendrick for writing some occasioanally good dialogue and interesting characters. I could tell which character was speaking at all times without having to reread parts multiple times. Zara was fun to read about; I love strong willed, hard-working and stubborn heriones who mostly don't let men rule over them. I could understand both main characters' motivations for doing the things they did.

For an adult romance book, the sex scenes were written very well and steamy. I liked that those scenes weren't overtly graphic, but they had enough heat to them to make me blush a little. I still felt like I was reading tame book porn though.

I liked the story, but I wished it was longer and more fleshed out. Some parts were cliched, but I still found the reading experience enjoyable. For me this was a fast read.

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